Imagine What It Would Feel Like To Have an Online Business

On eBay or Amazon or Shopify

( maybe even All 3 💪 )

Selling Brands Like These

that basically sell themselves

Imagine What It Would Feel Like To Have 6-Figure Sales Like These

...and Yes, that is a Screenshot from Amazon in a 3 Month period!

Imagine your business going from pathetic sales Like these

To 5-Figure Sales Like these?

Yes... that is a 60 Day eBay sales Total with 30 items sold that day!

Imagine sales like these within weeks of starting out

This is from one of our members who has a full-time job and only works on her business part-time. 

If you are worried about Slow Selling Products That Are Slowly Killing Your Business, you should keep reading.

This Is One Of The Most Important Pages You Will Ever Read.

In 8 Weeks You Can Go From Amateur To An Elite Online Seller Like The Examples Above.

Here's the thing, you have always known that an online business is the fastest path to the FREEDOM you crave.

However, soon after you start, the shock hits you:

❂  You end up with low quality products that are selling slower than molasses in January.

Your go-getter attitude is quickly being replaced with anxiety, self doubt, desperation. 

 The lack of support leaves you feeling jaded, alone, abandoned & confused.

 You quickly realize  there is a lack of expert information you can fully trust with clear step-by-step guide to success.

❂ Your relationships and confidence are starting to pay the ultimate price.

Right Now Your Mind is Asking one (If Not All) of these 3 Big Questions

What do these people above know that you don’t?

How are they able to consistently produce these phenomenal results?

How were they able to completely turn their lives (and their families' lives) around?

Next I'll Show You Exactly How. 

Listen—I value your time and our relationship, so let me get right to it.

The fact that you’re reading this right now means you are interested in or curious to know more about how these people achieved such impressive results.

You have questions, and I have answers.

 Now whether or not I can help you achieve 100% of your goals, we don’t know yet.

So let’s handle that first…

First off let me introduce myself.

 My name is Amy Query. I'm a mother of 2 and I live in Madeira Beach Florida.

A few years ago, I got fired from my 9-5 job on my day off... in front of my kids!


But that low point launched an amazing journey that led me to be here talking to you today.

After Painful, Expensive Trial & Error I Learned How To Access Overstock Products From Stores Like these:

...And Resell On Channels Such As These:

Here Are The Facts...

✻   Major National retailers will always have excess/overstock products

✻  These stores will always dispose these products in wholesale lots at deep discounts.

✻  Overstock resellers have made and will continue to make hundreds of thousands if not millions  buying and reselling overstock products

✻  Overstock Academy has guided online sellers like you to produce phenomenal results using a tried tested and proven plan of action that works.

Your Advantage:

✺ You get to buy the items at a fraction of cost.

✺ There is always reliable supply of products.

✺ You are a smaller operation than they are, therefore more nimble & flexible.

✺ You have a ton of options so you can pick and choose what to buy & resell.

We can get you there in 4 steps

Product Buying Strategy

We help you start like a pro with Systems, Tips and Tricks that prepare you to hit the ground running.

Product Listing Process

Step-by-step guidance through the unique listing strategy for overstock products. 

Advanced Selling Tactics

Pricing techniques and selling strategies with the goal to sell fast and make the highest profits possible.

A Business Growth Plan

Where to start, how to find financing to expand your business, and how to scale and grow your business.



What's In It?


Conveniently Available on your Computer, Phone or Tablet.


My Actual Vendors Plus My Actual Financing Lenders (details below)


Backup when you need it plus unlimited access to any updates


With internet connection, you will have access to the training 24/7 

Some Say the Value of This Program Is
Priceless—so What’s Fair?

For just a very limited time, you can enroll in The Ultimate Store Overstock Training Course®

for Only 3 payments of $600 

one payment of $497


Plus We Are Taking Away Your Risk 

You Are Completely Protected by
My 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

At Overstock Academy, we take guarantees very seriously.


If at ANY TIME in the next 30 days you feel investing in this program was a mistake, or it just wasn’t what you expected—send us a quick email and we’ll refund every penny right away.




If you’re NOT serious about Going From Amateur to Elite Online Seller in 8 weeks (or less) and think there’s a good possibility you’ll want your money back, then we respectfully suggest you not enroll today, and leave the spot available for someone else.


The guarantee is here to make sure you’re FULLY protected.


We have worked with dozens of people of all walks of life, some do this part time and others end up completely quitting their jobs and doing this full time... and our success rate is off the charts.


We put the exact same standards and focus into this training program.


We are confident and certain that you’ll be happy as well. And that’s what our guarantee is for.


For just a very limited time, you can enroll in the The Ultimate Store Overstock Training Course®

for just $600 a month Only $497 (one time payment).


Here is our commitment to you:

Our Value Promise

We will ONLY put out course content that is trully valuable to your business. No filler no fluff. Everything we put in this course, is actionable and step-by-step.

Our Clarity Promise

We absolutely commit to giving you direct answers to your questions. You will never receive vague answers to your questions.

Vetted Vendors Promise

Any vendor or service provider we vouch for, has been personally vetted out with my own business. We will never ask you to risk your neck with some stranger.

Proven Plan Promise

 The strategies and tactics we share with you, are the same ones I used in my business. They are the same ones successful Overstock Academy members use today.

The guidance we give to you, will truly help your business. 
Our only horse in this race is you and your success.


In 8 Weeks You Can Go From Amateur To Elite Online Seller Status

"I'm Making an average of $20,000-$25,000 a month"

"Hey Amy when I first saw your video - just being honest, I was skeptical. I joined because you seemed dedicated, plus you had a money back guarantee. In the first few weeks I made $4870 in profit. That was more than I made at my regular job after taxes! Funny thing is... this was part time! I was still working my regular full-time job! Now I spend more time with my wife and kids enjoying life I don't worry about bills and money anymore because I know every morning when I log on to my PayPal account there will be more money waiting for me. This really is the life that I always dreamed of and I owe it all to you. Thank you, Amy "

Daniel L. | Overstock Academy Member

"In the last 3 months our lowest month was $37,582"

"A year or 2 ago I had tried to do this on my own and I lost my money. I had no idea how this whole thing worked! Although I saw the potential in this business, that experience really deflated me. I wish I had taken this course before....Since the vendors are big retailers right here in the US we are sure that the name brands we buy aren’t knockoffs. Plus we get the products pretty fast My wife and I now both work on this together. We are almost at our goal of paying off our debt...In a way I’m almost glad I had lost money on my own because it made me appreciate this course a lot more! I would gladly have paid double what I paid for this course. Thank you sooo much! "

Cindy and Jake Z. | Overstock Academy Members

"The last 3 months for me have all been over $10,000"

"I was pretty new to selling online but I knew there was a way to do it since other people were doing it. I joined because I didn’t know anyone else who does this and I was hoping to learn from someone who has done it. With everything I have learned it would have taken me months if not years to figure it all out...I like the fact that the wholesale sources you recommend have no minimums. That was important to me because I didn’t have much money to start out ...Your money back guarantee showed you were confident that this system worked…plus I really couldn’t afford to lose my money 😁 My 1st full month doing this I made $4389. I remember that number because I actually took a screenshot of that. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for this and all your help along the way. "

Carrie S. | Overstock Academy Member

"My first few weeks I made over $4000, Now I'm doing $7000 to $9,000 each month consistently"

"I'm a nurse and have a pretty busy schedule. When I heard about this from a friend who was already doing it, my first excuse was that I didn't have time and my second excuse was I didn't have a lot of money to invest. My friend was doing pretty well already, convinced me to give it a shot. I started with a few hundred dollars. After the first few weeks I could not believe my numbers...Now I’m hoping to pay off my student loan this year then just run my online business full time. The system is easy to implement but also flexible. I could never have learned all this information on my own in this short amount of time. Thank you so much!"

Vivianne B. | Overstock Academy Member

⚠️  Please pay attention to this now… this is what you are up against.

Here is the true COST of doing nothing—or "winging it". 

The buyers below were scammed by a fake wholesaler: 👇

You have to admit that's☝️ pretty bad—Right?


In the Ultimate Store Overstock Course we share a step-by-step system to avoid getting scammed.


Here are others who are selling online but struggling and on the verge of failure.

...these are exactly some of the expensive pitfalls we guide you to recognize and avoid.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a lot of money to start and implement these tactics? Are there other fees?



Your start up cost will be based on the amount of inventory you decide to start out with. Some members start with small wholesale lots between $100-$300

Do I need to be tech savvy?

Here's the BEST part, You don’t need to be super smart or savvy to use our business roadmap.


In fact, people that just follow the steps without overanalyzing tend to do better. So DON’T OVERTHINK the process, just take small steps every day.

And even if you do already consider yourself smart or savvy with online business, keep an open mind and follow the straightforward structure.


This IS the path to breaking through and getting results!

Does this course cover selling only  on eBay or only Amazon? 

Unlike the other courses out there, we teach you everything. We show you how to sell on both eBay Amazon and your own website platform. This course is the complete package. 

If these items are highly profitable, isn't there a lot of competition in the market?

When you get into this industry and learn our system, the first thing you realize is that there are so many directions you could take your business. There are so many categories, so many variations.

Best of all when you follow our method step by step, competition in the traditional sense becomes irrelevant. In fact it almost becomes an advantage.


As you already likely know, we are closing down enrollment in the program VERY soon.

If you’re considering enrolling in the program right now, we are going to throw in a few valuable bonuses just to make this an absolute no-brainer for you—as well as help you hit the ground running:

Bonus #1

My Wholesale Sources

These are the same DIRECT sources I used in my 6-Figure Overstock Business. They Include actual National Big Box Retailers (3 of my favorite don't advertise at all)


These contacts took years to establish. This is not information you can "Google" - Trust me, that's a sure way to lose your money. (✋  been there)

FYI: No one pays us to get on this list—Period.


I've personally vetted these vendors out with my own business. I will never ask you to risk your neck with some stranger.

Note: You'll receive this bonus on week 4.

Bonus #2

My Funding Sources

These are the same Lenders I used (when I needed to) who are friendly to the industry (in other words—They get it). They cater to your business at every level from starting out to expansion. 


As you may or may not know, regular banks are not as lenient with lending as they proclaim (especially with online businesses).

These lenders are great to work with because they focus on online businesses and the best part?


You credit score is at the bottom of their criteria—most times it doesn't even factor in their approval decisions

Note: You'll receive this bonus on week 4.

Bonus #3

Our Implementation Plan

This is a customized Project Management system you can use to implement everything you’re learning, and keep track of all your actions. 

How many times have you read a new book or purchased a new program and implemented NOTHING from what you learned?

I’ve done this COUNTLESS times myself. So we created The Implementation Plan and we will be giving it to every single new member.


Simply put—this is how you’ll get RESULTS and keep growing.


We created The Implementation Plan for one simple reason: to ENSURE your success.



In a few weeks we will transform you and your business...

I really look forward to working with you and watching you Go From Amateur to becoming a formidable top-tier Elite Online Seller.


 All you have to do is follow the Step-by Step action plan which has been proven by dozens and dozens of members scaling up to five and six-figures in a very short period of time.

The choice is yours. Do you truly want this? And when? 



Amy Q.



This is not a marketing stunt just a heads up. Although I maintain a very small staff here—I do ALL the teaching and coaching. So in order to provide the high level service you expect and deserve, I have to maintain a very small class size. This means I REALLY will be closing enrollment soon.

But once you're in you're in and you can learn at your own pace. So if you really want this—don't wait. Sign up below.


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