​​Episode 120: This Is Why Overstock Sourcing Is Better Than Drop-shipping, Arbitrage & Private Labeling


The Main Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss: 

◉ I explain to you what drop-shipping, retail arbitrage and private labeling are.

◉ I reveal the pitfalls that await you—(the ones the gurus don’t tell you about).  

◉ I share the 5 main challenges of Retail/Online Arbitrage (#5 was the toughest)

◉ I reveal 5 harsh truths about Dropshipping (#2 is like throwing money in a pit)

◉ I explain 6 obstacles you will face with the private labeling model. (#6 is a sneaky tactic Amazon is using right now)

◉ I reveal an insider secret most people don’t know about thrift stores and thrifting for resale.


This episode was inspired by a question we received from an Overstock Academy member. He wanted to know why I thought Overstock sourcing was better than Dropshipping, Arbitrage Or Private Labeling despite what the gurus were proclaiming.


After my email response to his question, he was so impressed that he suggested I convert my answer into a video training.


Since I wanted everyone to benefit from this, I decided to freely publish this information.


It contains my experiences with these sourcing methods— the good the bad and the ugly.


Click to listen now. 


I think you will find them as beneficial as he did.

Be well,

Amy Q.

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