Episode 119: Here’s Where To Start Selling Online (Plus Your Next Steps)


Here is why you should tune in to this episode:

◉ I share a story of how I learned a tough lesson after starting out selling my overstock products on the wrong marketplace.

◉ I guide you on where to start selling first in order to gather momentum and where to expand to next.

◉ I show you how the eBay & Amazon product condition classifications affect your bottom line.

◉ I explain the biggest challenge you will face when trying to selling overstock products on Amazon.

◉ I guide you on why you should stay focused on the end goal of freeing yourself from relying on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.


Most experienced sellers know that when you start out, you need to rack up some sales fast. Starting off by selling overstock products on the wrong marketplaces could end up costing you big time.


You not only need to get your feet wet by mastering your system, you also need sales fast.


In this week’s episode, I guide you through exactly that. I not only share where you should start selling, I also explain to you why. That way you are not just diving in blind.


At Overstock Academy, we believe you are more empowered to be successful if you understand the reason behind the tactics we provide.


That is why in this episode I not only guide you I include my personal experiences.


So go ahead and listen now.


Amy Q.

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