Episode 117: Are You Ready To Go Pro And Upgrade To An eBay Store? This Is How To Tell.


Here are the Main Takeaways you shouldn’t miss:

◉ How to tell when it’s time to upgrade to an eBay Store

◉ I describe the differences between the 3 eBay selling tiers

◉ I share the 4 most important eBay features and fees every seller should know

◉ I share a handy tool that will help you determine in minutes whether upgrading is a good option for you.

◉ I answer listener questions


If you’ve been listening in for a while, you know that in our Ultimate Store Overstock Course and throughout Overstock Academy our growth recommendation is this:


Start with eBay first, get your feet wet and get into the rhythm of the 4 step system we guide you in.

Then once you have that locked down, expand into Amazon

And finally your own website(s).

This path is tested and proven to work for me as well as most of our members.


In this episode, I go over how to make the decision to go from a personal eBay account to an actual store.  This is not a decision that should be made blindly.


That is why I lay out a step by step guide as well as share this eBay Fee Illustrator Tool to help you make that decision.


Don’t worry, in this episode, I also show you how to use it.


So go ahead and listen in.


I’ll see you there!


Amy Q.

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