Episode 116: How Elite Online Sellers Minimize Customer Returns


Here is why you should listen to this episode:

◉ The 7 reasons online sellers have significantly high return rates

◉ Why your online business MUST offer returns.

◉ I share the most important aspect of your buyer's mindset—understanding this will significantly increase your chances of selling.

◉ I walk you through creating a great return policy.

◉ I explain why the dreaded “Chargeback” monster could be used against you.

◉ I share the 5 steps Elite Online Sellers take to minimize their return rate.

◉ I walk you through what to do when accepting a return is your only option.

Whenever I would get a return request, I would always panic and look for someone or something to blame for why the buyer wants to return my item.

And it’s very easy to beat yourself up over this… I know at times I did!

I mean, I feel like I gave them the best deal as far as price goes, my item was solid, and they want to return it?

Why on earth would they do that?

Did I list it wrong?

Did I forget to add an accessory into the package?

Needless to say, after blaming myself and everyone, including the buyer, I realized that it wasn't always because I did something wrong, or listed the item without the right details.

It just simply happens.

So I stopped looking for reasons and things and people to blame for why returns were happening in my business and created a system that would minimize them from happening to begin with.


That is what I will share with you in this episode.

I hope you enjoy it.

Amy Q.

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