Episode 112: The 7 Strategies For Winning Amazing Deals At Overstock Auctions


The guide to avoiding rookie mistakes and beating Auction Trolls

Don’t Buy An Auction Lot Before Listening To This Episode:

◉ I reveal the one mistake almost all auction buyers make (✋I made it too)

◉ I share the 8 rules you need to understand before you ever place a bid

◉ I give you my 7 [Proven] strategies for buying auction lots like a pro

◉ I reveal the number 1 tactic that will help you win almost any auction

◉ I show you how easy it is to beat auction trolls


There are some significant advantages to buying wholesale lots through auctions. In this episode, I give you the 2 main ones.

However, If you don’t know what you are doing, auction buying is similar to walking a tightrope.

To buy like a pro, you have to start thinking like a pro.

Always remember, you make money when you buy… not when you sell.

If you hang your hat on your selling, you are basically putting your fate in the hands of the market.

And the market can be ruthless. Take my word for it.

It happened to me several times. I came out on the other side bruised but victorious.

That is why I share these experiences in this podcast and in my course.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Amy Q.

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