Episode 110: Overstock Product Categories: [WARNING] Ignoring These Could Ruin Your Business


The Main Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:

◉ I share two real-life examples of how “winging it” and buying blindly could ruin your business

◉ I provide exact definitions of the 6 main overstock/liquidation product conditions so you know what you are buying

◉ I share my favorite product condition and how most resellers overlook it (and why you shouldn’t).

◉ I answer listener questions about How to Start and Sell Fast plus some Product Listing Strategies

Sadly, I see lots of stories online about people buying wholesale lots, receiving them and being shocked to realize that it was not what they expected.

I mean, people are not only losing their hats on this, they are losing money and their business dreams as well!

This is the point where most simply give up. It is also the reason the overstock industry gets a bad rap.

The truth is, purchasing customer returns and reselling them for profit is a tried, tested and proven concept.

I am living proof that this actually works...and it’s easy.

This episode is my effort to helping you figure out what terminology the vendors will use to describe their merchandise. That way, you not only know what to expect, but you also ask the right questions.

That is the only way to make informed buying decisions.

You make money when you buy, not when you sell.

An informed buyer is a powerful buyer.

That is my goal for you.

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Amy Q.


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