Episode 108: Your eBay Listings Aren’t Selling And Here’s Why:


You should tune in to this Episode if:

◉ You’re refreshing the eBay or Amazon App repeatedly, wondering why your stuff ain’t selling.

◉ You’re freaking out, so you run to Google to search for how to jumpstart your online sales only to find some “guru” selling you their latest and greatest secret tactic.

◉ You need 9 effective tactics that I personally used to get my products seen, sell more and sell fast. These tactics are easy and cost you nothing to implement.

◉ You want the FREE PDF guide that walks you through this whole process.

◉ You want to get the tons of free Pro-Tips I share throughout the episode. For example, using a Condition Note in your listings like the one below 


What’s funny is that you’ve probably already heard of some of the 9 tactics I share in this episode. The thing is, without knowing how to implement them, they are basically useless to you.

Tactic #9 is especially important.

Without it, none of the others will work effectively. You may have the most amazing eBay listing ever created but when it comes to sales...nothing but crickets.

I’ve had crickets, and they definitely suck. You don’t want crickets!

Listen to this episode and learn in minutes the tactics that I learned after 2 years of screwing up

It’s me and you against the crickets 💪

Let's do this!

Amy Q.

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