Episode 107: How An Elite Few Sellers Make Profits While Offering Free Shipping


You Really Shouldn't Miss This Episode. Here’s Why:

◉ Have you ever come across competing offers from other sellers that offer free shipping and wondered: “How the hell can I compete with that?! This game is rigged!”

◉ Maybe you have bought online courses and guides but still can’t figure out how to offer free shipping without losing your shirt (and your mind) 😖

◉ In this episode, I share a stupid-simple system I used to estimate my shipping costs

◉ I will also show you how to compete with other Amazon/eBay sellers that offer free shipping.

You may be feeling jaded by your online selling experience and ready to give up your business dreams.

Before you totally lose it, take a breath. I have been there too and I know...it’s not easy.

Check out my nightmare bill below!

In fact, Most online sellers go through it too.

 Check out this Facebook question:

There’s actually a way out,

...and it doesn’t take as long as you would think.

After over 2 years painful trial and error, I finally figured out—on my own—how Elite sellers are able to make killer profits while offering free shipping.

Using those tactics I not only turned the tables on them, I also totally kicked ass.

But make no mistake… I’m not a guru

I’m not an enlightened master of online selling

I’m just a fellow traveler who is only a little further ahead on the same journey that you are on.

I went through the school of the hard knocks and came out on the other side… bruised but victorious.

I’m here to make sure you avoid the bruising but cruise to victory as well.

So go on… listen to this week's episode right now.

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Amy Q

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