Episode 106: The Number 1 Secret Tactic of Elite eBay & Amazon Sellers


The Main Takeaways You Don’t Want To Miss:

◉ I reveal to you the #1 secret tactic of elite eBay and Amazon sellers

◉ I show you how to use it against them and compete with them like a boss

◉ I share with you how most online sellers are misled by a well-known cliche (aka myth)

◉ [Favorite part] I get to answer listener questions


Here’s the thing…

Selling more and Kicking Ass on eBay and Amazon is EASY but...

 By the time you are here reading my words, I am sure of one thing: You’re being misled and you don’t even know it!

 You have been told by countless Gurus and so-called Experts that there is some secret to exploding your online business.

It’s all hot air and smoke and vapor covering up the fact that selling on eBay and Amazon and your own websites is EASY.

In fact, It’s super simple.

After starting my eBay / Amazon business from my garage, quickly growing it to over $515,000 in sales, then later selling it for a high 6 figure amount I proved to myself and to others how simple it really is.

This is what I did: I bought wholesale name brand overstock products, I gave the buyers the deals they were already looking for, and my products literally sold themselves. I actually couldn’t list them fast enough. Plus I was making insane profits at 4-5 times my cost.

“What is the #1 secret to selling more on eBay?”

I thought about this for weeks analyzing every part of the process I created. Truth is, there were a lot of simple but crucial steps involved. All of them were part of this highly profitable machine. But then I realized all of them could be tweaked, replaced even eliminated.

All except one.   

That one tactic is what this episode is about.

See you there!
Amy Q.

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