Episode 104: How Only Selling Locally Is Killing Your Business Growth


If you’re still selling locally, here’s why you shouldn't miss this episode

◉   I reveal the fears most people (myself included) have about selling online

◉   Selling locally can lure you into a comfort zone and that will eventually kill your business

◉   If you are looking for some slap-my-boss, quit-my-job, and walk-out kinda money—sticking to local selling, will never get you there. In other words this episode is not for hobbyists

◉   I’ll give you 8 reasons why selling online is your answer


When I started my business, I started out selling locally.

Lately, I’ve seen a ton of YouTube videos with weekend warriors glorifying their local sales. They buy overstock products, take pictures, and sell them locally on these local selling apps.


I’ve been there, done that. I can tell you that method is totally unsustainable.


I don’t care how much fun they seem to be having. Believe me, after a few months it gets old and you wonder why you aren’t growing as fast as you once dreamed you would.

You get burned out and give up.

But you, my friend, are smarter than that.

If you’re like me, You want your business to work for you even when you are sleeping, on weekends, on vacation

If you want to go from cooking with firewood to cooking with gas 🔥 ...start selling online.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

Amy Q

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