Episode 102: How I Got Fired On My Day Off


Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode:

◉ I made a ton of excuses why I couldn’t start a business even though deep inside I knew I wanted to. I'll share the HUGE wake-up call that forced me to take action

◉ I tell you the (Embarrassing) story of how I got fired from my very last 9-5 job, on my day off in front of my kids

◉ I share my business journey with you including how my first business fell flat on its face despite starting out with a lot of promise

 ◉ Like you, I initially tried online courses and guides from several well know guru’s and ended up jaded and broke.

This episode was not an easy one for me to publish. This is because most of what I reveal in it is very personal. I have kept a lot of it to myself. In fact, most of my family will be hearing this story for the first time on this podcast.

It was important for me to talk to you about it though because most successful entrepreneurs don’t really tell us how they get to where they are.

This is what leads most people to think the path to success is all biscuits and gravy.

In fact, it’s not.

My journey was not a straight line.

—In this episode, I tell you how I went from selling these cute customized pet collars...


...at local events, fairs, flea-markets etc.—To expanding to the local mall 👇

 However, the whole thing fell flat on its face in spectacular fashion.

Once again I was forced to rethink my entire business or find another 9-5 job 😬

Head over now to get all the juicy (and embarrassing) details. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to subscribe to access part 2 of my story.

Amy Q.

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