Hi, I'm Amy Q.

I help Online Sellers Go From Amateur to Elite Status Selling Profitable, High Quality, Name Brand Products Online.

"...I Nearly Lost Everything Trying To Get This Information Myself" ~ Amy Q. 


I have to admit though, getting fired from my job on my day off was probably the lowest point of my life—as a human being, as a mother, and as a wife.

But that low point became the launch pad for an amazing journey that led me to create a $500,000 business which I then sold for a high 6-figure amount.


Through trial and error, costly mistake after costly mistake, I created this amazing business in what now looks like a short period of time - But I can tell you, at the time,  it certainly felt like an eternity!

Through it, I endured numerous personal battles.

  • Borrowing money from relatives and almost destroying relationships.
  • Robbing Peter to pay Paul.
  • Being days away from my car getting repo’ed.
  • Getting extensions on utility bills - plus having them shut off on more than one occasion.
  • Buying online courses from gurus and joining Facebook groups that promised heaven but delivered a bag of manure.

Despite the battle scars...

...I made it through. Not only did I make it through, I kicked ass! 

After I sold my business I looked back at the time I was starting out. I imagined what someone else might be going through.

I knew I had to help.

I had already overcome the challenges most online sellers were going through.

So first, I decided to go back to the Facebook groups and online forums I used to be a member of.

In my free time (and I had a lot of it now), I would answer questions and provide suggestions. This gave me satisfaction because I was actually positively affecting someone else's life.

I quickly realized this was not enough...

I had to step up and do something bigger than answer questions, and reply to comments I could barely keep up with. Plus, I was answering the same questions over and over.

So I decided to create a web page with step by step guides. This would allow me to simply share a link to the solution (rather than type the whole thing 😉 )

Those step-by-step guides eventually became Overstock Academy.

The Insider Methods Of Finding & Selling Profitable, High Quality, Name Brand Products Online.

"...I Nearly Lost Everything Trying To Get This Information Myself" ~ Amy Query.

In my guides, I share the huge problems I encountered that almost destroyed my business and the step by step solutions I came up with like:

How To Create Product Listings That Get Seen & Sell More Free Guide #4: pg 7 )

How to Avoid Drowning In Shipping Fees & Keep More of Your Profits Free Guide #3: pg. 19 )

Steps You Should Take Today to Protect Your Business From Shady Vendors Free Guide #1: pg. 12 )

 The #1 Secret To Selling More On eBay and Make 5-figures a Month—Consistently. Free Guide #6: pg. 14 )

How (Like Me), You Can Overcome the Fear Of Selling Online ( Free Guide #2: pg. 17 )

How You Can Finally Turn the Tables and Beat Top Online Sellers Who Offer Free Shipping At Their Own Game—While not losing your shirt in the process. Free Guide #5: pg 19 )

The best part is...

I'm giving you all this for free.


Because I have been where you are. I know the struggle. I know the fear. I have felt the anxiety, the doubt, the desperation. You see other people selling online and doing well, but you can't figure out how they are doing it. 

When you seek help out there all you find is BS and vague shit. It was there when I started out and it's still there today.

The blind are still leading the blind while the snake oil salesman - aka Guru plays his tunes (with his red Lamborghini in the back ground) 😡

But like me, you didn't give up. You are here now. That alone tells me you can succeed. I know it feels like crap right now but believe it or not that is the first step on this ladder.

With my help your journey will be much easier than mine was.

If you allow me, I know I can help.

Amy Q.

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And Learn Within Minutes What Took Me Years Of Trial And Error To Learn